Unlocking Savings: How to Get Your Grocery Rebate from the Canada Revenue Agency


Hey there! If you’re like most of us, trying to balance a budget while ensuring your pantry isn’t reminiscent of Old Mother Hubbard’s, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of grocery rebates from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Ever heard of it? If not, you’re in for a treat, and if you have, you’re still bound to discover something new.

Grocery rebates can be a game-changer in managing your daily budget, offering a rare chance to save some dollars on those unavoidable grocery bills. We’re going to walk through everything from what this program is all about to how you can maximize your savings. So, buckle up for a friendly guide to leveraging this fantastic opportunity!

Understanding the Grocery Rebate Program

What is the Grocery Rebate?

Simply put, the Grocery Rebate is a financial return offered by the CRA to help individuals and families offset the cost of their groceries. It’s quite a unique program, differing from other rebates because it specifically targets your grocery expenses, a vital part of daily living. Why does the CRA offer this? The aim is to ease the financial burden on Canadians, ensuring everyone can afford the essentials.

Eligibility Criteria

Who gets to pocket this nifty rebate? Not everyone, sadly. But many Canadians are eligible. You might be among them if you meet certain criteria set by the CRA, including income thresholds, family size, and other specifics.

  • Canadians with household incomes of CAD 38,000 or less or individual incomes of CAD 32,000 or less
  • If you are eligible for the GST/HST credit in 2021, you can receive the Grocery Rebate Ontario.

How to Apply for Your Grocery Rebate

Preparing Your Application

First things first, gather all necessary documents – think along the lines of grocery receipts and proof of income. Then, it’s time to set up your account with the CRA, if you haven’t already. Pro tip: Double-check your paperwork and ensure everything is correctly filled out to avoid hiccups later on.

Calculate the amount you are eligible for using the below link:

Calculation sheet for the Grocery Rebate (July 5, 2023) – Canada.ca

Submission Process

The refund does not have an Grocery Rebate Ontario Application Process and it will be given out automatically to approximately 12 million Canadians who earn CAD 32,000 or less each year for their households and as individuals.

After Submission

Submitted your form? Pat yourself on the back! Now, it’s a waiting game. The Grocery Rebate Ontario will be shared with Ontarians for the January 2023 GST/HST credit. Even if you were not awarded the January credit, you may still be in the process. This is so because the July GST/HST credit is based on 2022 tax returns, whilst the grocery rebate is based on your 2021 tax return.

What to expect from Grocery Rebate

Rebate Payment Amount

The Grocery Rebate was double the amount of your GST/HST credit payment from January 2023.  The amount was calculated based on your family situation in January 2023 and your 2021 adjusted family net income.

You could have received a maximum payment of up to:

If you were single

  • $234 (no children)
  • $387 (with 1 child)
  • $467 (with 2 children)
  • $548 (with 3 children)
  • $628 (with 4 children)

If you were married or had a common-law partner

  • $306 (no children)
  • $387 (with 1 child)
  • $467 (with 2 children)
  • $548 (with 3 children)
  • $628 (with 4 children)

Additional Resources and Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can the grocery rebate affect other government benefits? Generally no, but specifics can vary.
  • What to do if personal circumstances change after application? Update your information with the CRA as soon as possible.
  • Are there any penalties for falsely claiming a grocery rebate? Yes, and they can be steep. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Can non-citizens apply for the grocery rebate? Yes, in some cases. Check the eligibility criteria.
  • How often does the CRA update the list of eligible groceries? Periodically. Keep an eye on their website for the latest updates.

Where to Get Help

Stuck or got more questions? The CRA’s website is a treasure trove of information, and their customer service is there to assist. Community resources and online forums can also offer guidance and support.

Grocery Rebate – Canada.ca


Securing your grocery rebate from the CRA might not make you rich overnight, but it’s a surefire way to stretch your budget further. With diligence, patience, and a bit of strategic planning, you can turn a mundane task into a rewarding financial boost. So, why not give it a go? Every dollar saved is a dollar earned, and who knows? Those savings might just fund your next little adventure or family treat. Here’s to maximizing your grocery rebate and making every penny count!

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